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Unlock human potential through psychological safety at work.

We’re empowering organisations to create safer, healthier workplaces, whilst reaping the business benefits.
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Grow organisational success by improving psychological health and safety at work. Your people will thank you for it.

InCheq streamlines the process of meeting your compliance requirements in managing workplace psychosocial hazards, so that your people can get on with other things.
Paired with our range of services, we specialise in helping our clients create customised and effective solutions to ensure the psychological safety of their workforce.
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Safe minds,
better work.

Effective workplace psychosocial risk management has a significant impact on employee wellbeing and business performance.
Less workers' compensation claims
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Fewer lost workdays
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Improvement in employee engagement
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How we’re creating psychological safety at scale.

We’ve developed a streamlined software solution to assist Australian employers in meeting their Work, Health, and Safety obligations.

Survey Deployment

Our software enables organisations to identify workplace psychosocial hazards that contribute to mental health problems. Disseminate our flagship survey-style assessment to your employee cohort at the click of a button.


Based on employee feedback, receive aggregated data insights and analytics to understand where risks lie within your organisation. Filter insights by department, gender, work type, and location to identify at-risk cohorts.


Upon survey completion, key stakeholders will receive access to evidence-based, department-specific recommendations and action points to control psychosocial risks and hazards.

Empower your business with tailored solutions.

Our team of experts are dedicated to providing our clients with practical and sustainable solutions that promote psychological health and safety in the workplace.


Our business leverages the expertise of our qualified psychologists to assist clients in understanding the process for creating a mentally healthy and psychologically safe workplace. Our consultants work with you to design a tailored solution to ensure you have the tools and resources that are right for your organisational needs.


As experts in workplace psychological safety, we assist our clients in navigating the various state, national, and international regulations on managing psychosocial hazards. We aim to ensure organisations are aware of their obligations to their employees for creating safe and healthy working environments and assist in implementing key processes to manage and maintain their approach.


We understand that every organisation has unique needs, which is why we offer facilitation services designed to enhance communication, collaboration, skills, capabilities and decision-making amongst employee groups. Our aim is to provide additional support that enables our clients to achieve their goals.
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Why get InCheq?

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Reduce employee workcover claims
By improving psychological health and safety at work, organisations can reduce the rates of mental injury among employees and workers compensation claims.
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Understand your psychosocial risk profile
Often, organisations only see the consequences of an unsafe workplace. By understanding their psychosocial risk profile, organisations are empowered to take preventative action.
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Ensure compliance with WHS legislation
New Australian WHS regulations outline the minimum standards to manage psychosocial hazards. We help organisations understand what steps they should take to be compliant.
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Evidence-based and backed by science.

Discover the story behind the data to make informed decisions and drive your organisation forward.

Get InCheq at your Organisation.

Get InCheq at your Organisation.

Get InCheq at your Organisation.

Transform your workplace culture and drive success.