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We recognize that understanding your people is the key to making effective and impactful decisions.

We've all been impacted by the stories of people struggling with their mental health at work. The workplace has the opportunity to be a source of purpose and energy, and contribute to wellbeing. But often employers are unsure what and how to create a workplace that fosters these outcomes whilst also meeting business objectives.
At InCheq, we know that happy workers make productive workers. We also know that so many of the mental injuries sustained in unsafe workplaces are avoidable.

That's why we teamed up to put our heads (and hearts) together to tackle this issue head-on. With our combined knowledge and expertise, we're providing employers with the visibility and knowledge they need to proactively identify risks in their workplace.
Our values

We’re passionate about mental health, the power of psychology, data science, and preventative methodology.

Our values are reflective of our mission to create a better working experience for Australian employees and employers.
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People first

We believe a company’s greatest asset is their people, which is why we’re passionate about putting people first, and prioritising a people-centric culture.
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We strive to provide our clients with the most impactful information possible, which is why we’re committed to the use of science and in contributing to the development of new knowledge, for the benefit of all human-kind.
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We’re driven by our aspiration to innovate the way employers understand and connect with their employees. Through our tech-based approach and implementable science, we’re building the bridge between best-practice and user-friendly.
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Seeking employee feedback is good - but actioning it is better. Creating positive change is at the forefront of our business, which is why we provide the end-to-end resources required for organisational development and behaviour change.
Leadership team

We’ve been working hard to revolutionise the way employers connect with their employees.

Finding the balance of creating a scalable technology whilst also being customer-centric and creating bespoke and tailored solutions is no small feat, but we’re committed to continuing to try and achieve it.
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The leadership team
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Dr. Angie Montgomery
Co-Founder & CEO
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Health psychologist and workplace psychological safety expert, Dr. Angie Montgomery bridges the gap between mental illness prevention, workplace mental health, and Work, Health & Safety legislation to create meaningful and impactful change for people and organisations.

Angie has a special knack for data interpretation and statistical analysis, and uses her knowledge in developing mental health interventions to inform InCheq.

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Johnny Molnar
Co-Founder & CCO
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Johnny Molnar is a strategic thinker with a track record of developing and implementing successful commercial strategies that deliver results. Prior to joining InCheq, he specialised in organisational health and wellbeing solutions, which is where he recognized the need in the market for a scalable solution to target psychological safety in the market.

He brings over sixteen years of experience across a variety of sectors, has a deep understanding of the market, and is skilled at identifying new opportunities for growth and expansion. His rich skill set includes stakeholder management, commercialisation, client relationships, leadership, and team building.

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Ashleigh Molnar
Co-Founder & CXO
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As the Chief Experience Officer, Ashleigh Molnar is responsible for ensuring that InCheq's products and services deliver an exceptional experience to customers at every touchpoint. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Melbourne, she is passionate about creating innovative solutions that anticipate and exceed customer needs and expectations.

Her passion for creating customer-centric experiences has transformed the development of the InCheq software, aided by her strategic vision and attention to detail.

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