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Dr. Angie Montgomery Named a Finalist at the Women in Digital Awards

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Learn more about Dr. Angie Montgomery being named a finalist for the Innovator of the Year award at the 2023 Women in Digital Awards.

We’re so thrilled to share the exciting news that Dr. Angie Montgomery has been named a 2023 Women in Digital Awards Finalist for the prestigious Innovator of the Year award. This recognition is a testament to the dedication to revolutionising workplace psychological safety, and the transformative impact we're having on work, health, and safety compliance.

In a world where mental health is gaining recognition as a crucial aspect of overall wellbeing, innovative minds like Angie’s, the driving force behind InCheq, are leading the charge for change. Whilst we eagerly await the announcement of the winner, which will be announced at the Women in Digital Gala on the 3rd of November, we’re taking some time to reflect on the journey so far. 

Creating Psychological Safety at a Population-Level

Angie’s dedication, passion, and tireless efforts have been instrumental in propelling InCheq to the forefront of innovation, earning her a well-deserved nomination at the Women in Digital Awards. 

For Angie, this nomination is not just a personal achievement—it's validation of a lifelong commitment to creating population-level change. Her vision for InCheq was rooted in the desire to reshape workplaces into psychologically safe and healthy environments, with her determination stemming from the realisation of the immense toll workplace-related mental health challenges can have on individuals and organisations alike.

Driven by this vision, Angie embarked on a journey to develop an innovative software platform that could automate psychosocial risk management, providing actionable insights to organisations and contributing to a culture of wellbeing. Today, InCheq stands as a testament to her passion for improving lives through digital health technology.

The Innovations Powering InCheq

At the heart of InCheq's revolutionary approach is a blend of cutting-edge technologies that redefine how organisations manage workplace mental health and wellbeing. InCheq’s use of technology encompasses several key aspects that set us apart in the industry:

1. Scalable Software as a Service

InCheq offers a user-friendly and scalable platform, accessible to organisations of any size and industry. This cloud-based solution reduces the need for traditional consultancies, which are out of reach for many businesses . We're empowering organisations to take charge of their workplace well-being.

2. Automated Employee Surveys

Leveraging technology, InCheq automates the process of collecting valuable employee feedback on their workplace experiences. Through employee surveys, employers  can  access employee insights, streamline data collection and ensure anonymity. This automation enhances efficiency and the quality of data gathered.

3. Advanced Data Analysis

At the core of InCheq's technology is a sophisticated data analysis engine. Our platform expertly generates detailed risk profiles and comprehensive analytics on psychosocial hazards within an organisation. This data-driven approach empowers employers with actionable insights to proactively address potential psychosocial risks effectively.

4. Compliance with Regulatory Codes

InCheq's technology aligns seamlessly with state, national, and international Work, Health, and Safety (WHS) regulations related to managing psychosocial hazards. By mapping to regulatory codes, InCheq ensures organisations can confidently meet their legal obligations, providing a trustworthy and compliant solution.

5. Personalised Guidance

InCheq's technology allows for a personalised approach, offering interventions and guidance based on an organisation's specific risk profile. This ensures organisations receive relevant and impactful solutions tailored to their unique needs, further emphasising our commitment to a personalised and impactful approach to workplace mental health.

Dr. Angie Montgomery's vision and guidance have been instrumental in driving the integration of these innovative technologies into InCheq's platform. Her leadership has not only propelled InCheq to the forefront of workplace mental health innovation but has also inspired a culture of creativity and adaptability within our organisation.

Angie's nomination as a finalist for the Innovator of the Year award is a testament to her visionary leadership and the transformative potential of InCheq's digital innovations. Her dedication to creating psychologically safe workplaces through technology showcases the immense positive impact that technology can have on society.

As we celebrate this milestone with Angie, we recommit ourselves to pushing the boundaries of innovation in workplace mental health. Stay tuned for more updates on how InCheq continues to leverage technology to revolutionise the way we approach wellbeing in the workplace.

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Get InCheq at your Organisation.

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