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The evidence-base that informs our purpose-driven approach.

Understand the power of early intervention to reduce risks in the workplace.
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Unlock the power of psychology to transform your workplace culture and drive success.

When it comes to workplace performance, productivity, engagement, and employee retention, the science is clear: mentally healthy workplaces outperform the rest.
When employees don't feel safe to speak up, it can have a ripple effect on the entire organisation. But, when you make psychological safety a priority, you create a culture of success that benefits everyone involved.
The Expertise

All of InCheq’s products and services have been developed with the expertise of Dr. Angie Montgomery, a health psychologist and expert in workplace psychological safety.

Dr. Angie Montgomery
Dr. Angie Montgomery
Dr. Angie is dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful change for people and organisations. With her vast experience in mental illness prevention, workplace mental health, and Work, Health & Safety legislation, she brings a unique perspective to the table.
She is a master at data interpretation and statistical analysis, and her expertise informs InCheq's surveys, recommendations, and data algorithms. With a tailored approach, she conducts workplace psychological health and safety audits and develops bespoke interventions, always with a focus on creating positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Angie has worked extensively across government and corporate enterprise sectors, conceptualising and designing support program models, providing coaching and strategic advisory services, and devising and facilitating training. Her expertise extends across a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Transport, Government, Emergency Services, Customer Service, and Professional Services.

As a practising workplace psychologist, and member of the Global Expert Panel for Advanced Health Intelligence, Angie is passionate about developing innovative solutions and support programs that make a real difference in people's lives. Her dedication and impact have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her recent recognition as a recipient of the 2022 Telstra Health Brilliant Women in Digital Health Award.

Our approach to Workplace Psychological Health & Safety.

Australia’s work health and safety laws and regulations are now taking an increased focus to reduce mental injuries and illnesses in workplaces. The constant evolution of the workplace health and safety landscape, and the recent publication of regulations and guidelines, has transformed the way we go about creating safe and healthy workplaces.
At InCheq, we’re committed to being at the forefront of this change. That's why we align our approach directly with the Australian Work, Health and Safety regulatory bodies, including SafeWork Australia. To maintain our integrity, and ensure alignment with the best research and evidence available, we are constantly adapting to changes in legislation; and stay informed of all state and territory-based regulatory updates.

For a long time, methods of creating mentally healthy and psychologically safe workplaces have focused on individual-level, reactive care. But we now know that a systemic approach that focuses on prevention, and early intervention, are far more effective. That’s why we utilise a prevention-focused approach, where we work with our clients to understand the root-cause of identified issues, and work to systemically prevent these issues from becoming problems.

We’ve been able to leverage technology in scaling and delivering this best-practice approach through our innovative use of data-mapping, allowing us to deliver actionable insights, bespoke to each organisation we work with.
By using this approach, we are able to create purposeful, strategic plans that align with the specific organisational needs of our clients.
diagram from safework australia
Safework Australia, 2019
In 2022, SafeWork Australia published their Model Code of Practice on Managing Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace, giving organisations a systematic framework for protecting employee mental health and wellbeing.
See WHS Regulations
The format

A survey format facilitates collection and protects employee privacy.

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Employees may be more likely to provide honest and constructive feedback when they can remain anonymous, which can be facilitated through survey formats.
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Surveys can be sent out to a large number of employees at once, making it a quick and efficient way to collect feedback from many individuals.
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Structured Questions
Survey questions can be designed to gather specific information, ensuring that feedback is focused and relevant to the organisation's goals.
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Data Analysis
Surveys can provide quantifiable data, which can be analysed to identify trends, and inform decision-making to improve organisational practices.
Using a survey format allows for consistent data collection over time, allowing for comparisons between different groups and identifying standards and comparisons.
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Unlock the power of a scientifically-backed approach.

Find out more about our journey to become an evidence-based provider, and how we’re contributing to knowledge and science.
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Get InCheq at your Organisation.

Get InCheq at your Organisation.

Get InCheq at your Organisation.

Transform your workplace culture and drive success.