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Data science

Data science has the power to revolutionise business decision making.

A software solution that leverages the power of employee feedback through a streamlined software solution.
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Data is the key to unlocking success for any organisation. Get ready to see what your data can do.

Our team of expert data scientists, combined with our cutting-edge technology, will provide you with the insights you need to make informed decisions and drive your organisation forward.
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Elevating the impact of data collection

Organisational surveys are a powerful tool for gathering insights into the experiences of employees. To elevate the impact of your surveys, and reap rich, meaningful data, the survey process must be approached with a steadfast commitment to best practices.
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Clear objective

Using the latest research and evidence-bases, we develop our assessment tools to cater to specific organisational objectives, ensuring all survey items are purposeful for the end-user. This approach guarantees the richness and relevance of the data we gather.
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Aligning your team

We support our clients in the lead up to survey deployment, by implementing a detailed engagement strategy that provides the leadership team and employee cohort with educational resources on the survey goals, and how their data will be used to drive organisational change.
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Accessible format

We're providing employees with the flexibility to participate in organisational surveys at their convenience. Our platform seamlessly blends email and text survey dissemination, with the added functionality to send reminder notifications to boost survey engagement.
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Pointed questions

We’re not here to confuse survey participants, so we’ve left out the technical jargon and complex terms, and have followed a consistent question structure throughout our surveys that is easy to understand regardless of department or industry.
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Consistent response format

We aim to simplify how employers connect with their employees, which is why we use a consistent rating scale for all survey items. With our user-centric approach to organisational surveys, we’ve created an easy to navigate radio-button style 7-point rating scale to maximise engagement and uptake.
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Anonymous & confidential

By maintaining the confidentiality of all survey data, we create a safe environment that empowers individuals to express their honest opinions. Our goal is to foster an environment of trust, where these valuable insights can help drive organisational change.
Data Analytics

Providing you with the tools, insights, and expertise you need to succeed in today's fast-paced business world.

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By leveraging data analytics and machine learning, organisations can make informed decisions that propel growth and success. We're working hard to bring the power of translational research to real-world settings, so that every workplace can benefit.
Our software, surveys, tools, and resources are all based on leading evidence and literature. Our products are rooted in a rich evidence base, combining academic research with practical experience to deliver the wisdom of science to your business.

We work tirelessly to understand the data that makes up your business, before comparing it to industry trends, state benchmarks, and national averages to get a complete picture of your organisation.
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Building trust through transparency.

At the heart of everything we do is a deep commitment to our clients and their privacy. Your trust is our most valuable asset, and we're dedicated to earning it every day by following best-practice measures to keep it safe and secure.
Collecting Feedback

We gather data from survey respondents to gain a greater understanding of individual behaviours, experiences, and perceptions across the workforce.

Transforming the Data

We use employee feedback to inform recommendations and initiatives within your organisation.

Keeping Data Safe

Confidentiality is essential when it comes to collecting authentic employee feedback. That's why we protect respondent data through de-identification and aggregation processes.

Sharing Data & Analytics

Responses to surveys are only disclosed in an aggregated and de-identified form. We also enforce anonymity thresholds to ensure employee privacy.

Accessing Reports & Dashboards

We’ve implemented secure access controls to limit access to survey data, so that only those who need it have the security to access it.

Trust & Transparency

We only use the information necessary to provide a better service and platform to our customers. Your trust is our most valuable asset, and we're dedicated to earning it through our commitment to privacy and security.

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A psychosocial risk audit tool aligned with regulations.

We assist Australian businesses in becoming compliant with the work, health, and safety regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will our data be used?

Personal Identifiable data will be used to send out email and SMS survey invitations to employees through a third-party API.

Demographic information will be used to categorise data and report grouped data back to the organisation. All survey responses will be de-identified and aggregated before being reported back to the organisation.

De-identified data will also be used to create industry benchmarks and may be used for research purposes.

How is employee confidentiality maintained?

We’ve engineered our platform to ensure user confidentiality by employing anonymity thresholds, de-identified data sets, aggregated data reporting, end-to-end encryption, secure access controls, and independent auditing.

How does InCheq manage cyber security?

Mental Injuries, also commonly called Psychological Injuries, are some of the most expensive workers compensation claims. They can cost up to four times more than claims relating to physical injuries. They also result in more time off work than physical injury claims.

Psychological injuries at work can be caused by a range of psychosocial risks. By proactively identifying whether your workforce is experiencing psychosocial risks, you can put preventative measures in place, which will result in a reduction in psychological injuries, and workers compensation claims.

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Unlock the power of real people insights with InCheq.

Make the most out of employee feedback by taking steps to understand the story behind the data.
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Get InCheq at your Organisation.

Get InCheq at your Organisation.

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