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We empower our clients to make impactful changes when it comes to creating mentally healthy workplaces.

Our team of psychologists work with you to understand where your business currently sits and where you want to go. We combine the power of psychology, with an intricate understanding of workplace systems, to design human-centred solutions for your workplace.
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Through tailored consulting and planning, our goal is to guide clients through every step of the journey towards a more mentally healthy and psychologically safe workplace by offering carefully curated resources and strategies.
How we do it
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Our first step is to work collaboratively with clients through a discovery process, and learn about the specific challenges they are facing. This includes identifying pain points within the workplace related to either workplace mental health or psychological health and safety, as well as assessing current lead and lag metrics like claims, absenteeism, risk assessments, and survey data. We aim to understand the root causes of issues, along with any interventions that have already been implemented or have been planned.

Following this, we begin to distil the identified issues into a logical picture. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we have a clear and nuanced understanding of their unique situation, before beginning to devise a solution and strategic plan that considers all of the shared elements and factors we have gathered. 

Our solutions are provided based on best-practice principles and  are created bespoke to our clients to ensure that your solution will be effective in fostering safer and healthier work environments. Common services that we provide to our clients include:

  • Gap Analysis of current workplace mental health and psychological health and safety initiatives and approaches.
  • Strategic Planning to ensure your organisation has identified and addressed the key ingredients for a psychologically safe workplace, including ensuring compliance with Work, Health and Safety regulations.
  • Developing bespoke interventions & control measures, including developing workplace training, models of support, systemic processes, and upskilling core capability areas for key personnel (for example, Work, Health and Safety Managers incorporating psychosocial hazard management approaches).
  • Evaluation of current initiatives and approaches to ensure resources and programs are being implemented as intended and achieving intended benefits.
  • Developing Psychological Health & Safety Frameworks that provide a governing system to ensure that the numerous ingredients that make up the strategic plan sit together in a comprehensive and complementary solution.


As experts in workplace psychological safety, we assist our clients in navigating the various state, national, and international work, health, and safety regulations on managing psychosocial hazards. We aim to ensure organisations are aware of their obligations to their employees for creating safe and healthy working environments.
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Along with this education piece, we offer a collaborative approach to implementing best-practice control measures in order to effectively manage and mitigate psychosocial hazards and risks.

Where necessary, we also provide advice, recommendations, and referrals to trusted external service providers where required; along with additional services, including:

  • Developing models of governance to ensure consistent and comprehensive organisational systems and processes are in place.
  • Ensuring adequate Risk Management policy, process, systems, and reporting exist to protect your organisation and appropriately inform your Board of key risk metrics.
  • Aligning your approach to meet your Work, Health and Safety compliance obligations in regards to psychosocial risk management.
  • Reviewing and advising on recommended reporting processes to ensure psychological health and safety systems have appropriate oversight and governance.


Our business leverages the expertise of our qualified psychologists, combined with our human-centred approach, to assist clients in facilitating organisational change.
How we do it
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Through these facilitation services we look to improve the communication, collaboration, and decision-making among employee cohorts, and tailor these sessions to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

We curate content, engage and manage stakeholder insights to foster collaboration and engagement. Our workshops and training services identify capability and knowledge targets and design sessions to address gaps in an effective and engaging format.

Facilitation services can include:

  • Presenting, and assisting the facilitation of, organisational steering committees or working groups through the process of project development and implementation.
  • Designing and facilitating bespoke team or leadership training, or workshops, relevant to your organisations psychological health and safety strategy.
  • Supporting stakeholders through collaborative decision-making processes, including strategy sessions and planning workshops.
  • Supporting key organisational stakeholders in facilitating organisational change management.
  • Facilitation of focus groups.
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Common problems in the workplace include:

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Organisations not knowing where to start on their journey

Understanding where you currently sit on your psychological health and safety journey is an important first step. Using a collaborative approach, we work with our clients to examine current organisational policy, initiatives and practices, in addition to reviewing key data. From this discovery process, we devise a framework and approach for becoming a psychologically safe and healthy workplace.
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Implementing solutions that address the root cause

Many organisations already have existing programs, initiatives, or services in place but it’s important to ensure that your resources are being applied in the most effective way. Our team specialises in working with our clients to determine the appropriateness and effectiveness of current initiatives. This process can help organisations save significant financial resources and time by improving efficiency.
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Meeting Workers Compensation insurer requirements

Insurance providers often have specific requirements regarding managing psychosocial hazards that must be in place in order to be covered by their workers compensation policies. If you are unsure whether you are compliant, or have been told you are not compliant, we can assist you in establishing a plan for addressing this problem.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will someone help us interpret our Workplace Psychosocial Hazard Assessment survey results?

Yes, InCheq consultants will assist you in interpreting your results and understanding how to best implement the next steps.

Can InCheq provide other services?

Yes. InCheq provides both Software Services and Consulting Services to our clients. We can assist your organisation with the unique and specific challenges you face and ensure you are getting solutions that works for you.

We’ve done other surveys in our organisations. Can InCheq help us interpret those results?

Yes. InCheq consultants can support you in understanding broad ranges of data and information.

Does InCheq align themselves with updated legislation?

InCheq keeps abreast of the most recent legislation, codes of practice, and changes in evidence and best-practice information regarding psychological health and safety in the workplace.

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