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Driven by data science. Grounded in psychological principles.

A software platform that leverages the power of employee feedback through a streamlined, scalable solution.
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We’re helping decision-makers determine the root cause of organisational problems in order to make changes that have real impact.

Our platform provides employers with rich data insights into the employee experience, whilst assisting them in meeting their legal obligations. By investing in creating a psychologically safe workplace, organisations can see enormous benefits.

Unlocking the power of employee feedback through data analytics.

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A simplified approach

While there are several state, national, and international standards, Australian employers only need one risk management solution. Our platform provides clinical expertise at the click of a button, simplifying your approach to managing workplace psychosocial hazards while ensuring compliance with work, health, and safety regulations.
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Organisation-wide oversight

Our platform provides you with the tools you need to monitor and manage psychosocial hazards across the whole of your organisation. With our scalable survey delivery, we ensure that you can reach every employee in your organisation to get the complete picture.
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Agile reporting

We make it easy for you to understand and act on the data insights provided with our dynamic reporting dashboard. This allows cross-departmental filtering capability giving you the ability to focus on the information that matters most to your organisation.
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Flagship Survey

Workplace Psychosocial Hazard Assessment

Drive organisational change with a survey that’s mapped to regulations.
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Aligned with Australian regulations

Our flagship survey is aligned to the State and National regulatory bodies Codes of Practice on managing psychosocial hazards and measures the 16 psychosocial hazards identified within these regulatory standards. Designed with the expertise of a specialist workplace psychologist, this survey assists employers in becoming compliant with state and national regulations for managing psychosocial hazards. The best part? We’ve packaged all this into only 40 questions, which only takes employees 10 minutes to complete.
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End-to-end solution

Using industry-leading expertise, we’re making psychological knowledge accessible in the workplace by utilising data-mapping algorithms that transform employee feedback into psychosocial risk profiles. With organisation-wide oversight, we transform survey responses into best-practice action plans and recommendations to assist organisations in mitigating, managing, or eliminating identified hazards. Understanding your data has never been easier with access to live response rates, dynamic risk profiles, and department-specific recommendations and action plans.
For the employee

The Employee Experience

We’re making your people a priority in every aspect of the InCheq experience. With user-experience at the forefront of our product, we’ve prioritised accessibility to engage all employees.

Receive an Invitation

We’re giving employees the freedom to complete the survey when and how it suits them. With our blended approach of email and sms survey dissemination, we ensure accessibility that caters to employees with limited computer access, and geographically diverse workforces.

Engage with the Survey

The user experience of our products is a high priority for us. By leveraging responsive design technology, a clear and intuitive user interface, and a consistent response style, we’re simplifying organisational surveys to maximise the quality of employee feedback.

Submit Anonymously

At InCheq, we believe that trust is the foundation of valuable feedback. That's why we're committed to protecting the privacy of our respondents by keeping all survey data confidential in a hope to empower people to speak their mind!

Packed with benefits to boost efficiency

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Improve culture
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Boost productivity
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Promote well-being
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Enhance teamwork
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Improve decision-making
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Foster a return-to-work culture
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Attract and keep skilled employees
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Decrease workers' compensation claims
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Minimise stress leave and burnout
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Be compliant with regulatory requirements
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will InCheq’s software help me demonstrate Work, Health and Safety compliance?

Yes. InCheq’s live and/or downloadable reporting provides information and tracking of psychosocial hazards which is an essential element of psychosocial risk management.

How do we manage survey fatigue and maximise survey engagement?

A common myth surrounding organisational change is that survey fatigue is driven by the amount and length of surveys deployed. However, research suggests that the number one driver of survey fatigue is actually the employee's perception that the organisation won’t act upon the results, and therefore it’s a waste of their time.

Employees are far more likely to actively participate in future surveys when they understand the purpose and process. If an organisation promotes their commitment to achieving systemic change, and the benefits of employee participation, they can expect a much higher uptake and engagement.

We provide all of our clients with a communications strategy to drive survey engagement, including tips for running a successful survey campaign.

Will I be able to filter the survey results?

You’ll be able to filter all dynamic data visualisations by department, gender, location, and work type (ie. full-time, part-time etc.)

How will this reduce insurance claims

Mental Injuries, also commonly called Psychological Injuries, are some of the most expensive workers compensation claims. They can cost up to four times more than claims relating to physical injuries. They also result in more time off work than physical injury claims.

Psychological injuries at work can be caused by a range of psychosocial risks. By proactively identifying whether your workforce is experiencing psychosocial risks, you can put preventative measures in place, which will result in a reduction in psychological injuries, and workers compensation claims.

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Unlock the power of a scientifically-backed approach.

Find out more about our journey to become an evidence-based provider, and how we’re contributing to knowledge and science.
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Get InCheq at your Organisation.

Get InCheq at your Organisation.

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