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Discover The Top Global Workplace Equity Platforms & Why They Are Important

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Today, we will be uncovering the leading global workplace equity platforms and their significance. Learn why they're crucial for fostering inclusivity and organisational success.

Imagine a workplace where every voice is heard, every idea is valued, and everyone feels empowered to contribute their best. This isn't just a utopian vision; it's the reality fostered by strong workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

In today's ever evolving business landscape, DEI isn't just a feel good initiative, it's the key ingredient for sparking innovation, building a strong company culture, engaging employees, and achieving overall success. Embracing DEI is no longer optional; it’s a must for any company looking to thrive in a competitive landscape. By creating an inclusive environment, organisations can boost employee retention, unlock creativity, and make more informed, inclusive decisions.

Challenges Faced by Organisations

Even with all the obvious perks, nailing workplace equity and inclusion is no easy feat for many organisations. From bias in recruitment to a lack of representation at different levels, and those subtle unconscious biases in performance reviews, there are plenty of hurdles to overcome. These challenges can seriously get in the way of creating a genuinely inclusive workplace.

Diversity and Psychological Safety

Diversity and psychological safety are closely linked. A diverse workforce lays the foundation for psychological safety, where employees feel safe to express their ideas without fear of retribution. This environment encourages open communication, fosters innovation, and drives organisational growth.

Role of Technology in Promoting DEI

The rise of specialised software solutions designed to boost equity and inclusion has completely transformed how organisations approach DEI. These revolutionary platforms streamline processes, enable data-driven decision-making, and promote transparency in organisational practices.

Best Global Workplace Equity Platforms


InCheq stands out as a unique player in the DEI software landscape. Developed by an organisational psychologist, InCheq focuses on creating psychological safety and leveraging data to cultivate an inclusive workplace. By prioritising a human centric approach over a purely tech driven one, InCheq helps organisations foster a culture where every employee feels valued and respected.

Success Stories: LaTrobe Financial leveraged InCheq’s capabilities and saw an improvement in their workplace culture, with a heightened awareness of mental health and a collective commitment to fostering a safe and respectful environment.


BambooHR offers a comprehensive suite of HR solutions, including diversity reporting, inclusion surveys, and bias mitigation tools in applicant tracking. Companies can track and improve their DEI efforts through data-driven insights and actionable analytics, promoting transparency and accountability.

Success Stories: HubSpot and ClassPass have leveraged BambooHR to enhance their DEI strategies, resulting in improved employee satisfaction, increased diversity in hiring, and strengthened company culture.

Culture Amp

Culture Amp provides employee feedback and engagement platforms with customisable surveys, diversity analytics, and inclusion assessments. It enables organisations to gather real-time feedback on DEI efforts, identify areas for improvement, and track progress over time, fostering a culture of inclusivity.

Success Stories: Airbnb and Etsy have utilised Culture Amp to measure and enhance their DEI initiatives, leading to higher employee engagement, improved retention rates, and enhanced company reputation.


Workday is a cloud based HR and finance platform that includes diversity reporting, bias detection in recruiting, and inclusive talent management tools. It provides a holistic view of workforce diversity metrics, enabling data driven decision making and targeted interventions to address equity gaps. Workday integrates diversity goals into talent management processes, streamlining DEI efforts.

Success Stories: Salesforce and Adobe have implemented Workday to advance their DEI agendas, resulting in more diverse and inclusive workplaces, improved employee satisfaction, and positive business performance.


DiversityInc offers a subscription-based platform providing access to DEI best practices, benchmarking data, and educational resources through webinars, articles, and events. It equips organisations with insights and tools to assess, benchmark, and improve their DEI strategies based on industry leading practices and peer comparisons. DiversityInc fosters continuous learning and improvement in DEI initiatives.

Success Stories: Companies like Johnson & Johnson and AT&T have partnered with DiversityInc to enhance their DEI programs, leading to greater diversity in leadership, increased employee engagement, and recognition as industry leaders in equity and inclusion.

Using technology to boost workplace equity and inclusion is key to driving organisational change and building diverse, inclusive cultures. DEI software solutions are absolutely essential in this journey, offering the tools and insights needed to create workplaces where everyone feels valued, respected, empowered, and psychologically safe.

Psychosocial safety fosters an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing ideas, offering diverse perspectives, and even making mistakes without fear of retribution. This, in turn, fuels innovation, collaboration, and ultimately, business success.

For companies in Australia, the opportunity to lead the way in creating inclusive workplaces is within reach. By implementing these strategies and embracing the right technologies, organisations can pave the way for a future where DEI is not just a goal but a fundamental aspect of every organisation.

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Get InCheq at your Organisation.

Get InCheq at your Organisation.

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